WELCOME to my private page♡


This site is a celebration of life and style created by me, its author, Rie Kumamoto.


Sure, it’s a a diary of sorts, but a small percentage of a big picture. Never the less here are pieces of my life, reality and fictions, ups and downs, hopes and dreams come true that I hope you can all relate to.


And the LOVEnjoy? of the LOVE and ENJOY! Life my family, partner and friends are full of the daily gACrind, work and commutes, bosses and bullies. Between that all are our glimpses of our freedoms, our moments of pure bliss and true romance, pretty little messes and picture perfect perfections. This is the LOVEnjoy worth remembering, the moments worth documenting, the memories worth sharing. We each have those stories and these are some of mine.


I’m a starry-eyed and driven dreamer. I like mythical creatures, dancing till the sun rises, absurdist humor, existential literature, the impressionists, pinups, and boys that drive motorcycles and write me love letters every day.


I work as a Web creative director for my clients and for lifestyle brands in Japan and I hope I would be working globally. With a passion for social media and telling stories through my photos, words. I’m open to all sorts of opportunities on LOVEnjoy and beyond. Feel free to contact me if my professional profile or portfolio strike your fancy.